How is IOTile Cloud organized?

IOTile Cloud is organized into three basic levels:

  1. Company Level
  2. Project Level
  3. Device Level

To join an existing company, you should request an invite from the owner before registering.  Otherwise, new users will be asked to create a new company from which they can invite other users and give administrative roles as desired.  Companies restrict permissions to just the invited users and can create projects to hold devices.

Projects are the organizational structure one level down from the company and are meant to hold multiple IOTile devices and apply project-level settings to all devices together.  See 'How to use projects' for a more in-depth discussion of how they function.

Within a project, IOTile devices have some level of customizability and configuration depending on the model of IOTile device that you have.  Some of this configuration can be achieved by the way you set up a project (as detailed in 'How to use projects'), and some can be configured within a given project for individual devices.  To understand the full power of the device-project interaction, see 'Devices, Variables, and Streams' to learn more.

Overall, this three-tiered structure is meant to allow for proper permissions around companies that own devices, simple but still powerful project-structures to apply actions to groups of devices, and, finally, device-structures to directly configure and view the data from individual devices.

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