Can't connect mobile device to Arch Bluetooth device

Arch's POD-1 type devices have Bluetooth wireless capability allowing a mobile phone or IoT gateway to connect to them for both local analytics and sending data to the cloud.  

If you are trying to connect to a POD-1 Bluetooth device via a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, and are having issues, try these troubleshooting tips.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Ensure you are nearby your device, the battery is installed or it has power, the device is setup in the cloud, you have hit sync project, and scan several times
  • Cycle Bluetooth on/off on your phone and try again
  • Ensure no 3rd party devices are connected and blocking the POD device
    • Stop connection with other devices, like headsets or speakers, and cycle Bluetooth before trying again
  • Go to the main settings on your mobile device, select the IOTile Companion mobile app, and enable GPS.
    • In some cases, not having GPS enabled will block a Bluetooth connection.
  • Consider using a generic Bluetooth scanning app and scan in this way.  You should be able to scan if Bluetooth is working on your phone and see a device with name 'IOTile' if it is active and nearby.  This may help you identify any issues.

Detailed Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure proper setup
    1. First ensure that your device has power
      1. If battery powered, ensure the battery is not dead and is installed
      2. If using a power plug, ensure it is plugged in correctly
    2. Ensure that the device is setup correctly in the cloud
      1. It is already claimed and owned by your organization
      2. It is located in the same project you are trying to scan in
      3. The device is in active mode
        1. For POD-1M's, this means an Active Trip must be setup
    3. After ensuring the cloud is setup, press 'Sync Project'
      1. On the mobile app, select your Active Project and hit 'Sync Project' (Purple button at bottom center of the screen). This will ensure that any setup details changed on the cloud are also sync'd to your mobile device.
      2. NOTE: One common error is setting up a device or trip on the cloud and not 'sync'ing project' before trying to scan.  Once sync'd the mobile app can be used with or without active access to internet to connect to a POD and see local data, but before a sync, the mobile phone may not work correctly.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is on and working on your mobile device
    1. Refer to guides for your specific device on how to Troubleshoot Bluetooth issues.
    2. Turn Bluetooth on and off or restart your device.
    3. Use the native Bluetooth scan application or download a generic Bluetooth scanner and ensure you can scan and connect to other Bluetooth devices.
      1. If you cannot connect to any Bluetooth devices, determine what is wrong with your personal device.
      2. If you can connect with others, but not the Arch device:
        1. First make sure you end the connection with all other Bluetooth devices, cycle your Bluetooth on and off, and then proceed to try to connect again.
        2. Go to the main settings page on your phone, find the IOTile Companion Mobile app in the list and enable GPS.
          1. In some mobile devices, GPS disabled may disallow Bluetooth scans by the IOTile app
        3. Try all steps in 'Ensure proper setup' detailed above
        4. If you still cannot connect to your device, contact Arch for help.

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