Do I need a Mobile App to enable/activate my IOTile Device?

Yes, the IOTile Companion Mobile App enables you to easily claim, scan, and connect to IOTile Devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

IOTile Devices can be configured on the IOTile Cloud to display real time readings as well as log historical readings that are sent to the cloud for storage. With the mobile app, you can connect and see real time readings as well as log historical readings and then upload them to the cloud. The app is designed to function in both areas with and without good internet connectivity making this a viable monitoring solution for the most remote locations.

After downloading the app, claiming devices, and setting up your project, you can then connect to IOTile Devices, view real time readings, and collect historical readings into your phone without having access to internet. You can then use the app to upload those historical readings to the cloud when you return from remote locations and have internet connectivity again.

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